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Pure Perfection

Pure Perfection

$ 8.00

Set of 99% Natural Hydrogel BOTOpatches® for Eyes, Forehead, Lips, and Nasolabial Expression Lines Smoothing

  • Hydrogel Eye BOTOpatches®
    Anti-Expression Lines
    Reducing of Crow's Feet Wrinkles
    and Dark Circles
  • Hydrogel Lip BOTOpatch®
    Anti-Expression Lines
    Purse-String Wrinkles Smoothing
  • Hydrogel Forehead BOTOpatch®
    Anti-Expression Lines
  • Hydrogel Nasolabial BOTOpatches®
    Anti-Expression Lines

  • Description

    Product Description

    Put the BOTOpatches® on carefully cleansed skin for 20-30 minutes. Then you can use it immediately on other areas. After removal rinse your face with water. It is recommended to apply patches 2-3 times a week.